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The Kursk State Medical University is acclaimed worldwide for the quality of its Teaching, Research, and Health Care. One of the largest universities in Russia, FIRST University in Russia to begin Graduate/Undergraduate programs in English Medium. Presently is the Leading Higher Medical Establishment in Russia for English Medium Education & the most popular among the international students applying for undergraduate courses. Kursk Medical University is ranked as one of the 10 best Russian Medical Universities. 

KSMU was the first University in Russia to undergo a Medical program fully in English. All courses at the Pre-university course, Medical, Pharmaceutical, and Stomatology (Dentistry) Faculties. The Kursk State Medical University is acclaimed worldwide for the quality of its Teaching, Research, and Health Care. One of the largest universities in Russia, FIRST University in Russia to begin Graduate/Undergraduate programs in English Medium, presently is the LEADING Higher Medical Establishment in Russia for English Medium Education & the most popular among the international students applying for undergraduate courses. An emphasis on innovative research and investment in high-quality facilities and first-rate infrastructure means that no less than 11 faculties, 70 departments are rated internationally or nationally as ‘excellent’. 


The fund of the library is a rich collection of scientific, educational, foreign literature. It has approximately 500 000 copies. The library gets more than 30000 copies per year. The unique collection of rare books in Medicine of the XVIII-XX centuries is the pride of the library. The teaching staff, post-graduates, students, and practicing physicians are library readers (the average amount of them is 9 000 people per year including 6 000 students).

Traditionally, the library uses different forms of showing its book collection: book shows, the browsing of literature. A lot of events connected with student acculturation are held in the library (reader’s conferences, literature meetings are among them).


KSMU provides enough places in the hostels for all international students with a comfortable living condition and affordable annual fee. Out of 6 (six) blocks of students hostel, 3 (three) modern hostels available for international students are very close to the University (about 5 to 10 minutes walking distance). All hostels are supplied with cold and hot water and a central heating system, each room contains beds, a desk, chairs, and storage space.

There are 2 types of the room provided:

  • 2 sitters room ( one room shared by 2 students)
  • 3 sitters room  (one room shared by 3 students)

Of course, students are free to choose either to live in the hostel or outdoors. There are many apartments available in the Kursk region at an affordable price. More than 20% of the international students live outdoors.
Due to the large number of international students in KSMU, special rooms for the international students were arrange in other hostels colleges in the city that it’s close to KSMU with the same comfort and rules and safety of KSMU.


KSMU is full of adventures to explore besides the demanding life of medical field students. Amazingly KSMU glows students life as an adult to experience the life of their world full of varieties as students, future doctors, leaders, and individuals. In the freezing cold weather, thousands of miles far from home, the students still kept their own good traditions warm enough to make them through success in their life. Students appear to be very active with plenty of activities regardless of which field of performances either academically, sports, social, artistic, or musical. You name it! International Students never let holidays gone with the winds blow but fill with joy and excitement besides learning to live in the multi nation’s community. In the heat of the pact, academic schedule students managed to fit in glorious celebrations of their religion like Eid, Christmas, Deepavali, New year, etc, independence day, and a lot more.

During its existence, it has trained more than 25,000 highly qualified Specialists, Physicians, Pharmacists, Social Workers, Engineers, Technologists who successfully work not only in Russia, but all around the world including the USA, Europe, Morocco, Lebanon, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka.

The international reputation enables the University to offer one of the widest ranges of academic courses. During the current academic year, over 5,000 students are attached to undergraduate /postgraduate programs. By making use of the latest technologies and with its teaching supported by diverse research work, the University is able to offer a wide choice of highly recognized degrees.

KSMU admission intakes two times a year for MBBS course for foreign students:

  • 1st Intake from June-August 
  • 2nd Intake from November-January 

Kursk State Medical University Fees | Fee structure 2021-22

The fee structure for 2021: 6280 USD Dollars for the first year (It includes tuition, hostel, medical insurance, documentation), from second year 6200 USD Dollars for the same. 

Fee Pattern Total Fee
1st Year
2nd-6th Per Year
Grand Total
Per Year 6280 USD 6200 USD 37280 USD

Recognization – KSMU

Russian higher medical education has gained a remarkable reputation in the world stage due to high educational standards with advanced and sophisticated teaching methods and scientific approaches. The degrees of Russian Medical Higher Educational Establishments are recognized by the World Health Organization (W.H.O), International Red Cross, and General Medical Council (G.M.C) of major European countries, including Great Britain and France. Leading Russian medical universities to occupy prominent positions in the international rating by the UNESCO and World Health Organization, including Kursk State Medical University. KSMU also recognize by JPA Malaysia, MCI Sri-Lanka, MCI-India, and other countries.

Kursk City at a glance:

Kursk is a city in Russia, the capital of the Kursk region, situated in the western part of central Russia, 530 km south of Moscow. It is an important cultural and religious center with a large industrial complex, a number of scientific and educational centers, a highway and railway hub.


  1. No Entrance test required, direct admission.
  2. Quality education at a low cost.
  3. MCI recognized Kursk State Medical University abroad follow global teaching standards.
  4. English as a teaching language.
  5. Extracurricular activities.
  6. WHO & MCI approved university.
  7. High-quality faculty.
  8. No donation required.
  9. Living at a low cost.


  • The candidate must have completed 17 years on or before 31 December at the time of admission for the MBBS Course.  
  • The students must have secured 50% marks in (PCB as per MCI) in their 12th or higher secondary done through from CBSE/State Board or any other equivalent board.
  • The candidate’s NEET score is mandatory for admission.
  • No English language test (IELTS, TOEFL) required.


In order to get a legal and hassle-free admission in MBBS in MCI recognized Kursk State Medical University, students need to furnish essential documents such as:

  • Duly filled application form of the university.
  • Marksheet of class 10th and 12th.
  • A valid passport with a minimum of two years duration.
  • A copy of admission or an offer letter from the university.
  • Visa support letter from the concerned university or college.
  • School leaving certificate, School transfer certificate.
  • The NEET scorecard.
  • Twenty copies of passport size photo.
  • Birth certificate
  • Health checkup certificate.
  • University fee guarantee letter from parents.


  • STEP-1: Call or Visit Doctors-IEA Team representative of University.
  • STEP-2: Properly fill the online application form of the Kursk State Medical University.
  • STEP-3: After filling the online application form, the candidate will receive an offer letter from the university.
  • STEP-4: Pay processing fees and then submit all essential documents required to get admission in MCI recognized medical college-Kursk State Medical University.
  • STEP-5: After receiving processing fees and original documents, the Doctors-IEA team will apply for an invitation letter and visa documentation.
  • STEP-6: After getting the Visa, the Doctors-IEA team will arrange tickets and all a proper set of documents to fly for a particular university with a group of students and their representatives.


As a representative, we put all the information quite vividly for both students and parents. Students pursuing MBBS at Kursk State Medical University have to appear and clear the MCI screening test in order to get a license for practicing the medical profession in India. It is mandatory for all foreign return Medical graduates. The students can apply for FMGE registration when they come back to India after the completion of the MBBS course abroad. It is held in December and June (Twice a year). The student has to obtain 150 marks out of 300, there is no negative marking in the FMGE exam (MCI).

  • KurskSMU provides online coaching for the MCI screening exam and visiting professors from India throughout the year. All the topics are properly explained in a detailed manner.
  • The candidates are also provided an idea about important questions.
  • It offers a great helping hand to students.
  • KurskSMU conducts a mock-test as well.

To know more about fees, university, admission process contact us at +91-8010503035, +79515174507

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